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Episode #26“Southbound Passenger Trains, Rye Whiskey and Blood Stained Banders”

Kick back and enjoy an episode featuring some of my favorite records across a variety of down home styles. Just good records. Please subscribe to the show if you haven't done so already and share with family and friends. If you could be so kind, leave a review over at Apple podcasts as well as over at Spotify. Spotify has enabled a five star review system similar to Apple podcasts. Positive rankings sure do help the show. Also, go take a visit to the show's website and have a look around. I appreciate the support.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy this episode of the Old Ding Jukebox: “Southbound Passenger Trains, Rye Whiskey and Blood Stained Banders”

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  1. West Virginia Coon Hunters “Blue Eyes Run Me Crazy” 1927

  2. Rosa Lee Hill “Bullying Well” Field Recording From The George Mitchell Collection Senatobia, Mississippi 1967

  3. Leake County Revelers “Wednesday Night Waltz” 1927

  4. Mike and Peggy Seeger “Blood Stained Banders” 2011

  5. Dixie Jubilee Choir “Southbound Passenger Train” 1928

  6. Johnny and Jonie Mosby “Ain’t You Ever” 1961

  7. Sylvester Weaver “Guitar Rag” 1927

  8. Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys “Steel Guitar Rag” 1936

  9. Leon McAuliffe and his Western Swing Band “Tulsa, Straight Ahead” 1951

  10. Smokey Hogg and his Guitar “Low Down Woman” 1949

  11. Jilson Setters “Up On Clinch Mountain” 1928

  12. Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five “Reconversion Blues” 1946

  13. Johnny Sills “Walking Shoes” 1967

  14. Jessie May Hill and Congregation “Earth Is No Resting Place” 1927

  15. The Brewster Brothers and Four Brothers Quartet “I’ll Be In My Happy Home” 1959

  16. Texas Johnny Brown “Snakehips” 1961

  17. George Jones “Ragged But Right” 1956

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