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Episode #12- Down Home Music From Arhoolie Records

This episode of the Old, Dingy Juke Box features some of my favorite tracks from the great record label, Arhoolie Records. This great record label had a great impact on my musical development and music tastes when I was younger. It still does, and I often marvel at the great and varied output to be found on Arhoolie records. Founded by Chris Stachwitz in 1960, Arhoolie records was started out as an extension of Chris’ love for hunting down old 78rpm records of down home, traditional styles of music. Over the years Chris recorded many types of musicians in a wide variety of ethnic styles. Blues, Cajun, Zydeco, Jazz, Conjunto, Norteno, Western Swing, Country, Gospel and Klezmer are some examples of the styles Chris recorded and released on his label over the past four decades. Many of the musicians were often recorded on their “home turf” in beer joints, churches, front porches, gatherings, living rooms and dance halls. The records released on Arhoolie represent a fascinating snapshot into the deep and wide well of American vernacular music styles and are truly a national treasure. I hope you enjoy the show and please share the podcast and episode with friends and family. Also, please rank and review the show over at Apple podcasts, the more rankings and positive reviews really help the show. Thanks for listening and kindly follow the show on the various social media outlets. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. I truly appreciate it. E-mail: Web: Facebook: Twitter: @OldDingy Instagram: @olddingyjukeboxpodcast Donate to the podcast: If you want to dig deeper into this treasure trove of music I would recommend seeking out and watching the great documentary about Arhoolie that was released in 2013 “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” Trailer: Amazon Link: “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” Link to Chris Strachwitz’ Store, Down Home Music: Arhoolie Records A Great Film: Down Home Music: A Journey Through The Heartland 1963 For Further Listening: The Arhoolie Foundation: A nonprofit organization rooted in the life's work of its founder Chris Strachwitz and his acclaimed independent label Arhoolie Records. Our mission is to document and celebrate blues, Cajun, zydeco, gospel, jazz, Tejano/Norteño, old-time, and other tradition-based styles of music through archival preservation, exhibits, community and educational outreach, live performance, and direct support to artists. Support the show (

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