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Episode #7- Country 45s: Truck Stops, Lazy and Desperate Men, Gooseballs and Fried Chicken.

This episode of the Old Dingy Jukebox features some of my favorite country 45s from the 1950s and 1960s. Ranging from obscure, small label 45s to the more well known artists like George Jones and Merle Haggard on major labels like Capitol and Decca. Overall, the variety found on these records will make for an enjoyable listen to enthusiasts of down home American music styles. Enjoy.

  1. Dick Mosely- Truck Stop Number Three. Tornado Records-1968

  2. Lonnie Irving- Gooseball Brown. Starday Records-1960

  3. Wynn Stewart- ‘Ol What’s Her Name. Capitol Records-1967

  4. George Jones- I Woke Up From Dreaming. Musicor Records- 1966

  5. Farmer Boys- I’m Just Too Lazy. Capitol Records- 1955

  6. Donny Young- It’s Been A Long, Long Time For Me. Decca Records- 1958

  7. Joe Maphis- Tennessee Two Step. Columbia Records- 1956

  8. Vern Stovall- Movin’ Round. Longhorn Records- 1967

  9. Carl Perkins- Let The JukeBox Keep Playing. Sun Records- 1955

  10. Merle Haggard- The Longer You Wait. Capitol Records- 1966

  11. The Cimarrons- Southern Fried Chicken. Zipp Records- 1956

  12. Connie & Joe- Home Is Where The Heart Is. Starday Records- 1960

  13. Buck Owens/Rose Maddox- Talk Of The Town. Capitol Records- 1963

  14. Johnny Bond- Broke Disgusted and Sad. Columbia Records- 1951

  15. Red Sovine- No Thanks Bartender. Decca Records- 1957

  16. Wayne Raney- Young Widow Brown. Starday Records- 1964

  17. Dick Mosely- Under the Double Eagle. Tornado Records-1968

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