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Episode #5-Special Guest Episode: Matt Sayles- Carbolic Acid, Stormy Hearts, Tangos and Blue Lights

For today’s show I bring in a good friend of mine to host the show, Matt Sayles. Every so often I will be having somebody on the podcast to be a guest host of the show. Matt and I have spent many a fun evening hanging out and listening to old records and those evenings, in part, we’re the genesis of this podcast. Matt is a great musician who has experience fronting bands and touring around the United States and Europe. He also owns a record label, Philville Records. Philville is active in producing, recording and supporting various musical acts and I recommend you visit the website to check out what’s going on with the label.

Matt’s musical tastes are broad and pretty esoteric, which is exactly why I chose to have him as my first guest on the podcast. This, along with his enthusiasm for the history and varied nuances of the music make for an entertaining listen. Hope you enjoy the show.

1. Carbolic Acid Blues (Bobbie Cadillac) 12/8/1928

2. De Estirpe Portena (Rosita Quiroga) Julio Pollero & His Orchestra (Tipica) 1928

3. Rollin’ Mama Blues (Ruby Glaze and “Hot Shot Willie” AKA Blind Willie McTell) 1932

4. St. Louis Blues (Milton Brown) W/ Bob Dunn first Electric Guitar Sessions 1934

5. Stone Pony Blues (Charlie Patton) 1934

6. Merle’s Boogie Woogie (Merle Travis) 1947

7. Stormy Heart (Larry Cassidy The Singing Cop) 1947

8. Will You Be Loving Another Man (Monroe & Flatt) 1947

9. She’s Some Daisy For Nineteen Years Old (Fairley Holden) 1947

10. ‘Deed I Do (Lena Horne) 1948 MGM

11. Angelitos Negros (Rico’s Creole Band) 1949

12. Tokyo Shoeshine Boy (Terako Akatsuki) 1950

13. House Of Blue Lights (Chuck Miller) 1955

14. Can’t Help Wonderin’ (Chuck Miller) 1955

15. It’s the Mileage That’s Slowing Us Down (Red Foley and Ernest Tubb) 1956

16. The Ballad Of Me and Sweet Marie (Lewi Longmire) 2011 off Tales of The Left Coast Roasters

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