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Episode #2- California: Dim Lights, Orange Juice Fountains, Steel Guitars and Poor Relationship Choi

The theme of today’s show is California. Not only songs specifically about California, but also genres and artists who are commonly associated with California. Lot’s of obscure to semi-obscure records of California Country music and the Bakersfield Sound. Also included are Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers, Lightning’ Hopkins and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. Local Ventura acts, the Ventucky String Band and Big Tweed make an appearance as well. See below for a full playlist and discography.

For a more in depth analysis of Spade Cooley as well as the steel guitar pioneer, Ralph Mooney, please check out Tyler Mahan Coe’s podcast on country music history, Cocaine & Rhinestones.

Also go check out the great record label of Matt Sayles of the Ventucky String Band. We heard a few of his recordings in this podcast episode, but there are plenty more of where those came from as well as Matt’s various other projects. Links below.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

1- Jimmie Rodgers - “Blue Yodel #4” (California Blues) Victor 40014 1929

2- Texas Jim Lewis and his Lone Star Cowboys - “Dear Okie” Decca 46138 1948

3- Woody Guthrie - “Do Re Me” Victor Records released on “Dust Bowl Ballads” 1940

4- The Ventucky String Band - “Take Me Back To Tortilla Flats” Released on Rush The Growler Philville Records 2013

5- Big Tweed - “Corlene” Released on Introducing..Big Tweed 2008 Big Tweed Records

6- Matt Sayles and the Ventucky String Band - “If There’s Western Swing In Hell” Released on Ghost of the Damned Philville Records 2016

7. Joe and Rose Lee Maphis - “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke” Okeh 18013 1953

8. The Farmer Boys- “Cool Down Mame” Capitol F3569 1956

9. Merle Haggard - “Sing A Sad Song” Tally T-155 1963

10. Lightning Hopkins- “Burnin’ Down In L.A.” Released on Lightnin’ Sam Hopkins Arhoolie Records 1962

11. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - “California Blues” Released on California Blues Fantasy Records 1981 (compilation)

12. Johnny & Jonie Mosby - “I’ll Leave the Front Door Open” released on Johnny and Jonie Mosby Mr. and Mrs Country Music Capitol ST-2093 1965

13. Wynn Stewart w/Jan Howard - “Wrong Company” Challenge 59071 1960

14. Maddox Brothers & Rose - “Eight Thirty Blues” 4 Star 1596 1952

15. Lewis Tally & The Whackers (feat. Henry Sharpe) - “Out of Control” Tally ST 1005 1965

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