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Episode #18- Special Guest Episode: Crazy, Corny, Crooked, and Cool Records with Matt Sayles

Today's episode features some great and wacky records from my special guest host, Matt Sayles. Matt has been a guest on the Old Dingy Jukebox before, once as a solo host (episode #5) as well as with his wife, co-host, historian Dr. Cheryl Jimenez-Frei (episode #14). Matt brings a different and appreciated perspective to the show. I love having him as a guest and enjoying his sensibilities not only as a fellow record collector/enthusiast, but also as a musician good buddy. Also, check out Matt's record label Philville Records and social media handles on Instagram and Facebook. He's got a pretty cool YouTube page as well. I think you're going to enjoy this show. Donate to the podcast:

E-mail: olddingyjukebox@gmail.comCrazy, Corny, Crooked, and Cool

[Custom Records, Early 60’s, “Commercial” “Atmosphere” Long Play 45’s 5:00 minutes or more per side. Used For background music in factories, department stores, bars, etc. ]

  1. Crazy Boogie (Merle Travis) Capitol Records 1948

  2. Motorcycle Bill (Willis Brothers) Thunder On The Road Starday 1966

  3. Cajun Fiddle (Buck Owens & Tom Brumley) Roll Out The Red Carpet Capitol 1966

  4. July 12, 1939 (Charlie Rich Written by Norro Wilson) Epic Records 1970

  5. 4-F Ferdinand The Frantic Freak (Harry The Hipster Gibson) Musicraft 1944

  6. Giddyup Hobo (Johnny Bond & Red Sovine) Thunder On The Road Starday 1966

  7. Long Lanky Lena (Unknown) Wolf-Tex 1958-1960

  8. Can’t We call It Even and Be Cool (The Old Joe Clarks) Raging Woody Records 1994

  9. Rosse Marie (Bobbejaan Schoepen) Decca Belgium 1957

  10. Hash Bamboo Shuffle 1702 (Ferre Grignard) Fontana 1968 (Netherlands)

  11. One Armed Love (Ace Ball) Test Pressing 1954

  12. Let Me Play With Your Poodle (Hank Penny) 1947

  13. Plastic Saddle (Jerry Reed Written by Vic McAlpin) Cookin' RCA 1970

  14. I’m Moving On (Homer Haynes Jethro Burnes and Hank Snow) RCA Victor 1951

  15. Moanin’ (Hank Snow) Hank Snow Sings RCA Victor 1952

  16. Sailor’s Plea (Bill Monroe Decca 1962)

  17. Yma Sumac Voice of the Xtabay (Yma Sumac) 1955

  18. It Hurt Me Too (Connie Van Dyke written by Marvin Gaye) Motown 1963

  19. Shine Hallelujah Shine ( Traditional Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys) 1948 Columbia

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