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Episode #13- Beer Thievery, Dead Dictators and Inebriated Truck Drivers

For this episode of the Old DIngy Jukebox, I figured it being election time and all, it would be a good idea to feature records about drinking and politics. As it turns out, the show is mostly songs about drinking. I have a few records in my collection that are political in nature, but the more I started digging through the stacks the more I realized that at this point, the last thing people want to hear about is politics. So, with that in mind, I featured a few records that are political in nature,albeit politics from the 1930s and the 1950s. How quaint. Hope you enjoy the show and please share with friends and family. Also, please rank and review the show over at Apple podcasts, the more rankings and positive reviews really help the show. Thanks for listening and kindly follow the show on the various social media outlets.


Twitter: @OldDingy

  1. George Riddle “Set Up Another” Starday Records 1966

  2. Chicago Blck Swans “You Drink Too Much” Conqueror 1937

  3. Freddie Hart “Drink Up and Go Home” Columbia 1956

  4. BIll Cox and Cliff Hobbs “FDR Is Back Again” Conqueror 1936

  5. The Stanley Brothers “Little Glass of Wine” Rich-R-Tone 1948

  6. Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan “Who Drank My Beer” Kicking Mule 1983

  7. Lulu Belle & Scotty “I’m No Communist” Mercury 1952

  8. Ray Anderson “Stalin Kicked The Bucket” Kentucky 1953

  9. Whiskey Chimp “Tecate” Barely Right Now 2009

  10. Matt Sayles and the Detroit Sportsmen's Congress “Old Man’s First Call” Manifest Refugees 2018

  11. Webb Pierce “There Stands The Glass” Decca 1953

  12. Charlie Walker “Bubbles In My Beer” Epic 1966

  13. Lowe Stokes and His North Georgians “Home Brew Rag” Columbia 1928

  14. Charlie Wilson’s Hayloft Boys “The Beer Party” Montgomery Ward 1933

  15. Dave Dudley “Two Six Packs Away” Mercury 1965

  16. Washboard Sam “I Drinks Good Whiskey” Bluebird 1937

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