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Episode #11- Labor Day: Unwieldy Hammers, Big Boss Men and Mining Disasters

In honor of Labor Day, this episode of the Old, Dingy Jukebox features songs revolving around the theme of work. I had a great time going through my records and finding a variety of songs from different styles, across different eras, that deal with a variety of experiences relating to work, employment and money. Looking through the discography, the first thing that stands out is the eclectic set list. From early blues, country music, and folk songs, to truckin songs and instrumental breakdowns, there’s something for everyone. The show’s breadth deals with lighthearted compositions as well as those of a more hard hitting nature. Hope you enjoy the show and please share with friends and family.

Also, please rank and review the show over at Apple podcasts, the more rankings and positive reviews really help the show. Thanks for listening and kindly follow the show on the various social media outlets.

Relax and enjoy episode #11 of the Old, Dingy Jukebox: Labor Day- “Unwieldy Hammers, Big Boss Men and Mining Catastrophes”

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